Personal Chef Services

 Our personal chef services help busy people get delicious food on the table. Put a little sizzle in your day-to-day!


Prepared Meal Delivery Service

Easy. Healthy. Delicious

Prepared Meal Delivery

Do you struggle to get dinner on the table with the hustle and bustle of your daily grind? We get it. You want to keep meals interesting, healthy, and delicious for your family, but it’s a daily challenge.

We can help you take all the guesswork out of your weeknight meals with our personal chef services. Need gluten-free, keto-friendly, or candida-friendly? Not a problem. Just fill out our food questionnaire detailing your preferences and dietary needs or restrictions, and we create entirely customized meals. Even better? We deliver these prepared meals straight to your refrigerator.

Less Stress and Less Mess

When you’re ready for dinner, pull one of our chef-prepared meals from your fridge, heat, and eat it. You don’t have to plan, shop, or cook. No pots or pans are waiting for you in the sink. And best yet, you get to focus on what’s most important, some distraction-free time sitting around the table enjoying a delicious meal with loved ones.

Here’s How It Works

If you live within the metro Louisville area and want customized healthy, delicious meals your family will rave about, complete our food questionnaire, and we will help you get started!

Complete a Food Questionnaire

fill out a food questionnaire

We want to know about your dietary needs and preferences. Fill-out our food questionnaire, and you will receive a personal follow-up call to create the perfect meal plan for you and your loved ones.

Let us build a custom menu for you.

we create your custom menu

Every week of your prepared meal delivery service, we will build a custom menu with your personal preferences as our guide. You will always receive a menu in advance to approve.

We deliver right to your fridge!

Choose the Day. We deliver!

You choose the day, and we’ll deliver your personally prepared meals straight to your fridge. If you prefer, we also offer no-contact delivery options. Whatever you need, we can make it happen!