Traveling Chef Services

 Bring us on your next adventure for the ultimate vacay! We’re experienced in cooking in even the most challenging circumstances.


Let Us Be a Part of Your Next Adventure!

Create the Ultimate Vacation with a Personal Chef

Add a special culinary element to your next vacation and bring us with you! As a personal and private chef, Chef Wes and his team love to travel with clients. We take care of all of the culinary details so you and your family can get down to the business of rest, relaxation and fun!

Why hire a traveling chef?

A traveling chef is ideal for those getaways where you’re renting a home away from home. We know that figuring out mealtimes while you’re away can be a huge hassle between crowded restaurants and limited rental home supplies. And who wants to cook on vacation anyway? Bring along your private chef so you don’t have to worry about any of the little details. 

As always, all of our menus are custom created to your preferences and dietary needs. Spend your vacation actually vacationing, not stressing about mealtimes!

As a traveling chef, we handle:

  • Logistics of grocery shopping
  • Sourcing local ingredients to add some local, cultural flair to your meals
  • Cooking every meal
  • Providing snacks
  • Creating delectable sack lunches for daily excursions
  • Post-meal cleanup

Traveling to Louisville?

We also provide traveling chef services right here at home! Whether you’re in town for Derby or just visiting our wonderful city, we’ll cook all of the local favorites in your home-away-home. Our local restaurant scene is wonderful, but it can get crowded during large citywide events. We’ll cook all your Lousiville favorites right in your vacation rental!

No matter where you’re vacationing, treat yourself! Let our chefs pamper you on your next trip – whether it’s a vacay or a staycay!

How it Works


First we have a conversation about your destination and dining preferences.


We accompany you to the destination and source the best local ingredients and stock the pantry.



 We provide any or all of your meals, leaving you with ample time to relax and have fun!