In consideration of hiring a personal chef, the first thing that often comes to mind is the cost. Historically, a personal chef carries the stereotype of being cost-prohibitive for most. It’s thought of as a high-end luxury or at least “once in a while” service to gift people when they’re going through life challenges, like having a baby or getting home from surgery. (And it actually doesn’t cost as much as you may think.) A personal chef also differs from a private chef in that a private chef is more involved on a day-to-day basis with the client.

But here’s some food for thought: hiring a personal chef is actually better for you too.

Are a Personal Chef’s Healthy Meals Better Than A Restaurant?

In short, they are better and often healthier.

There is a difference between a chef’s menu at a restaurant and a personal chef’s menu. There are about a million variables that go into planning a menu and seasonal specials at an upscale restaurant, from the specific cuisine to even its geographic location. They often must follow (or if possible – set) trends in the industry and cater to a broader palate. In order to do that, many of the menu items tend to be less healthy.

A personal chef, on the other hand, caters only to each client’s personal preferences. As professionally trained chefs, a personal chef creates that upscale restaurant quality but doesn’t have to adhere to the tastes of the general public, which leans towards a preference for sweet and fatty. In theory, we would all order only the healthy meals we see on a menu when we dine out. In practice, that is rarely the case. As such, it’s much easier to maintain that healthy diet with a personal chef.

Personal Chef Services are Customized to Your Health

When you hire a personal chef, you typically start by filling out a questionnaire and/or having a consultation with the chef. During this process, they identify your dietary preferences and needs. The chef then proceeds by crafting a weekly menu specific to your dietary needs and requests. One of the lesser-known, but bigger differences in hiring a personal chef is that creating healthy meals is the starting point. It’s similar to the way that cooking at home is inherently healthier than eating out.

Healthy eating is such a pillar of personal chef meal delivery that it would almost be hard not to eat more healthily with a weekly personal chef service. Because the process is so customized, hiring a personal chef is also an excellent option for people with specific dietary needs (like going gluten-free).

It’s no secret that a healthy diet is part of the equation when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. With prepared meal delivery from a personal chef, they take all the guesswork out of your weekly dinner routine. (Or breakfast and lunch too!) Your personal chef adheres to your health plan with a flavorful and seasonal menu like it’s their job – because it is.

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